WIC Valve 2K Series 110V AC Continuous Duty CE encapsulated Solenoid Coil DIN Connector
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WIC Valve 2K Series 110/120V AC Encapsulated Solenoid Valve Coil with DIN Connector and LED Indicator


2K Series Solenoid Valve Coil Specification:

 Model Number: 2K-110VAC-D

 Coil Power: 6VA

 Coil Class: IP 65 (CE Certification)

 Coil Duty: 100% ED (Continuous Duty)

 Coil Voltage: 110/120V AC

 Electrical Connection: DIN Connector with LED Indicator


DIN 43650 Form B (PG9) Connector Dimensions (Unit=mm): 





  • Item #: 2K-110VAC-D
  • Manufacturer: WIC Valve
  • Condition: New

2K Series 110V AC Solenoid Valve Coil DIN Connector

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