2 Inch Brass General Purpose Zero Differential Electric Solenoid Valve
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2" Inch Brass Electric Air, Gas, Water Zero Differential Electric Solenoid Process Valve Normally Closed 


WIC Valve 2BCW Series 2-way normally closed general purpose process solenoid valve is to control On/Off of air, inert gas, liquid, and vacuum. This industrial solenoid valve has one 2" inch NPT inlet and one 2" inch NPt outlet port. Valve stays close when the coil is de-energized, and it opens when energized.  2BCW Series solenoid valve comes with a ED 100% encapsulated coil which suitable to operate in continuous service and constantly energized.  Valve can be mounted in any position.  


2BCW Series 2 Inch Electric Solenoid Process Valve Specification:

Model Number: 2BCW-2-D

Valve Type: 2 Way Normally Closed (Valve opens with energized)

Service Media: Air, Gas, Liquid, Water, Vacuum

Operation Model: Direct Lift Diaphragm

Flow Model: Uni-Directional

Body Material: Brass

Seal Material: NBR (Buna N) Diaphragm & Plunger Tip

Armature Tube Material: Stainless Steel

Spring & Plunger Material: Stainless Steel

Coil Certification: CE Certification

Coil Power: DC -30W ; AC - 50/60Hz 28VA

Coil Class: H Class IP 65

Coil Duty: 100% ED (Continuous Duty)

Operating Pressure: Vacuum (0 PSI) to 150 PSI with AC Coil; Vacuum (0 PSI) to 100 PSI with DC Coil

Operating Temperature: -10 to 80 °C (14 to 176 °F)

Port Size: 2" Inch NPT Female Port

Coil Voltage Option: 12V DC, 24V DC, 24V AC, 110V AC, 220V AC

Low Power Consumption Coil: Upgrade Optional 12V DC - 10W, 24V DC - 7W, 24V AC - 8VA, 110V AC - 8VA, 220V AC - 8VA

Voltage Tolerances: DC: +10% –5% ; AC: +10% -15%

Electrical Connection: DIN 43650A (PG11) Connector with LED Indicator




2BCW Series Zero Differential Electric Solenoid Valve Dimensions (Unit=mm):

Model  Port (NPT) Flow Rate (Cv) Orifice Size  A B C D Weight (lbs)
2BCW-3/8 3/8" 4.8 16 56 104 117 68 1.8
2BCW-1/2 1/2" 4.8 16 56 104 117 68 1.8
2BCW-3/4 3/4" 7.6 20 56 106 123 73 1.8
2BCW-1 1" 12 25 74 114 135 100 3.2
2BCW-1 1/4 1-1/4" 24 35 85 129 154 110 5.7
2BCW-1 1/2 1-1/2" 29 40 90 134 162 120 5.7
2BCW-2 2" 48 50 115 151 185 155 9.9



2BCW Series Electric Solenoid Process Valve Component Drawing: 


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Cv ?

Cv = Flow coefficient or flow capacity rating of valve. The flow coefficient Cv is the volume (in US gallons) of water at 60°F that will flow per minute through a valve with a pressure drop of 1 psi across the valve.

Mathematically the flow coefficient can be expressed as:

C_v = F \sqrt{\dfrac{SG}{\Delta P}}

Cv = Flow coefficient or flow capacity rating of valve.
F = Rate of flow (US gallons per minute).
SG = Specific gravity of fluid (Water = 1).
ΔP = Pressure drop across valve (psi).

What is Coil with DIN Connector?

Instead of using the Grommet lead wires, the coil has the prongs or pins to connect a standard DIN connector. Therefore, the coil will have a male connection and the plug connecting to the coil is a female connector. The DIN connector for this 2BCW series valve is a DIN 43650A 18mm (PG11) type. The advantages of the DIN Connector is that it allows a quick valve or coil exchange. Yet it is a excellent insulation properties and good for water tightness.


What is ED 100% Coil Duty?

ED 100% indicates suitability of the coil to operate in “continuous service”, in other words it is good for constantly energized.


  • Item #: 2BCW-2-D
  • Manufacturer: WIC Valve
  • Condition: New

2" Inch Brass Zero Differential Electric Water Solenoid Valve

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