WIC Valve 2SCL Series Stainless Zero Differential Steam Solenoid Valve Rebuild Kit
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WIC Valve 2SCL Series 2" Inch NPT 2 Way Normally Closed Industrial Electric Stainless Steel Hot Water, Steam Electric Solenoid Valve Rebuild Kit



2SCL Series Electric Solenoid Valve Armature Tube Rebuild Kit Specification:

Model Number: 2SCL-2-AT KIT

Operation Model: Direct Lift Piston

Seal Material: Teflon (PTFE)

Armature Tube Material: Stainless Steel

Spring & Plunger Material: Stainless Steel



Valve Frequently Asked Questions:

What is DIN Connector?

Instead of using the Grommet lead wires, the coil has the prongs or pins to connect a standard DIN connector. Therefore, the coil will have a male connection and the plug connecting to the coil is a female connector. The DIN connector for this 2SCL series valve is a DIN 43650A 18mm (PG11) type. The advantages of the DIN Connector is that it allows a quick valve or coil exchange. Yet it is a excellent insulation properties and good for water tightness.


How to connect DIN connector with wire?

1. Remove the Philip screw from the plastic housing protector.

2. Unplug the plastic housing from the DIN coil.

3. Remove the terminal block from the plastic housing.

4. On the back of the terminal block, it makes 1, 2 and Ground. For the DC DIN coil, connect 1 to positive, and 2 to negative. For the AC DIN coil, connect 1 to Hot wire, 2 to Neutral wire, and Ground to Ground wire if required.


What is ED 100% Coil Duty?

ED 100% indicates suitability of the coil to operate in “continuous service”, in other words it is good for constantly energized.


  • Item #: 2SCL-2-AT KIT
  • Manufacturer: WIC Valve
  • Condition: New

2" Inch 2SCL Series Steam Solenoid Valve Rebuild Kit

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